QVSource enhances your Qlik Business Discovery Platform

QVSource makes QlikView and Qlik Sense the best connected Business Discovery and data visualisation platforms on the market, allowing an analysis of the impact of social media and many other channels on revenue stream performance, by interconnecting with online services and feeding the data into the Qlik platforms.

QVSource answers the demands of your business

Holistic QlikView dashboard, showing data from Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, Twitter and Facebook Insights

"QlikView is a very advanced tool, which was already adding great value to the CP Proximity team. QVSource takes this one step further, giving us a holistic view of an entire marketing campaign"

Cristina Giner, Director of Analysis & Business Intelligence, CP Proximity

Access important new data sources

Your data resides in increasingly disparate locations. QVSource is an enabling technology that dynamically mines data and feeds it into the Qlik platform, giving you a richer view of your business performance.

Introduce automation and
improve business processes

QVSource is highly automated, allowing you to schedule your data imports into Qlik, which radically improves the consistency of data analysis, and empowers you to make informed business decisions in near real-time.

Save time and money

By selecting an out-of-the-box QVSource connector to seamlessly import non-natively supported data sources into Qlik, you will eradicate any need for in-house development or maintenance, saving you time and money.

Improve your business view

QVSource enriches Qlik by connecting to multiple new data sources. By coupling the power of the Qlik technology with the added value of QVSource, you will enjoy a much broader view of your business, and a deeper understanding of business performance.

Case Study Spotlight

CP Proximity

With social media and online portals playing an increasingly important role in marketing campaigns, see how QVSource helps CP Proximity automatically collect, consolidate and migrate additional information sources and business intelligence into QlikView, in order to augment the breadth and depth of data analysis.

Funding Circle

As Funding Circle was assessing QlikView, they were also working with QVSource in parallel. See how the complimentary solutions integrated well, and together, they addressed specific business challenges that the Funding Circle team were facing.


Promedia, which comprises of 15 local Swedish newspapers, came to realise that the power and usefulness of QlikView would be even greater, if it included data captured by Google Analytics and Facebook. See how QVSource effectively gathers and presents Google Analytics and Facebook intelligence into QlikView to help make benchmark and improve business performance.

Future Publishing

With over 150 internal and external brands across many digital channels, see how QVSource helped Future Publishing automate the process of accessing a near real-time consolidated view of external and internal data, to make informed business decisions and protect their brands.

Customers & Case Studies

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