How QVSource Adds Value to the World of Marketing

With offices around the world, CP Proximity is a global marketing consultancy with the aim of making brands more valuable to people, and people more valuable to brands. To achieve this, CP Proximity is driven by three key influences: knowledge, technology and creativity. And, by measuring the business indicators that are relevant for brands, CP Proximity applies business intelligence to this process, to achieve the best results for their clients.

The Spanish subsidiary of CP Proximity is located in Barcelona, where there is a team of six highly skilled business analysts whose job it is to measure the impact of their clients’ campaigns, in order to constantly improve and innovate towards greater success and better results.

"QlikView is a very advanced tool, which was already adding great value to the CP Proximity team. QVSource takes this one step further, giving us a holistic view of an entire marketing campaign"

Cristina Giner, Director of Analysis & Business Intelligence, CP Proximity

The Challenge

The Spanish team has been using QlikView since 2008; a business discovery platform that consolidates relevant data from multiple sources into a single application. QlikView is very useful to the business analysts at CP Proximity, as it allows them to analyse data from multiple sources in real-time, to validate and control the impact of marketing campaigns.

However, with social media and online portals playing an increasingly important role in marketing campaigns, CP Proximity set out to find a tool that would automatically collect, consolidate and migrate additional information sources and business intelligence into QlikView, in order to augment the breadth and depth of data analysis.

Understand activity on your website through Google Analytics or Facebook

The Solution

In July 2012, after carrying out a comparative study of products available on the market that would fit the requirements of the CP Proximity team, the business analysts invested in QVSource’s connectors for Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The QVSource connectors automatically feed business intelligence from these online channels into QlikView, in near-real-time. Prior to using QVSource, the CP Proximity business analysts had mined this data manually, consolidating it into a single report, before amalgamating the data with the results from the QlikView dashboard. This was a laborious and time-consuming process. The reports were updated once a month and so they were static and became quickly outdated.

Since incorporating the QVSource technology, the QlikView reports give a complete view across the entire marketing campaign, which has greatly improved the ability to analyse information and gain access to valuable business intelligence. These reports are automatically updated daily.

Use the data like any other QlikView data such as in maps

The Benefits

For CP Proximity, there are three clear advantages to using QVSource connectors:

  • QVSource offers an extremely cost effective solution, with the potential for a demonstrable return on investment
  • QVSource integrates seamlessly into QlikView, adding a much greater insight into the success of a client’s marketing campaign
  • QVSource gives real-time actionable intelligence, which empowers the CP Proximity team to respond quickly to business trends

One of the many high profile brands that CP Proximity works with is a major European automobile manufacturer. Through a combination of the QlikView discovery platform and the additional business intelligence provided by QVSource, the automobile manufacturer now has access to a dynamic dashboard that allows them to view the results of CP Proximity’s marketing campaigns on a single screen. The dashboard view is permanently available, and easy to access and understand. This is a very powerful value-added service from CP Proximity, as it gives the client real-time visibility of data that would normally be located in multiple locations, and therefore impossible to analyse.

The most important factor to consider is that all of CP Proximity’s clients are unique; their campaigns are different, and their requirements are varied. The QVSource connectors adapt easily to this diversity, empowering CP Proximity to be nimble in its reporting, and successful in its results.

"QVSource enables CP Proximity to take business intelligence to the next level. We can now carry out cross analysis, track visits to websites, compare website traffic, measure email campaign click-throughs, monitor Twitter activity, view CRM results, and present this intelligence in QlikView, to produce actionable reports."

Cristina Giner, Director of Analysis & Business Intelligence, CP Proximity