DeinDeal is the leading and most customer-friendly e-commerce company in Switzerland, with attractive offers everyday of the year. They offer up to 70% discounts for restaurants, wellness, products and travel and in the last two years they have helped people save more than 70 million CHF. DeinDeal are continuously offering new deals, with more than 100 deals each week.

As part of our reporting and data-based decision strategies, web analytics is one of the most important sources of data. Hence we needed a way to easily obtain data integrable with the rest of our data-mart in order to obtain richer cross-analysis of information. After a wide search of the Internet, we decided to start using QVSource. It was very simple to install, fulfilled our requirements and the price was totally acceptable. With a quick look at Google Analytics' API and with the help of QVSource's technical team the setup process took just one day!

The Business Intelligence Analysts, find the product totally profitable, easy to use, easy to install and maintain. With a really short number of clicks we were able to extract tons of info from Google Analytics, and now we are able to take better decisions based on more crossed data.

Business Analyst, Business Intelligence & Data Mining