"Chris and his team listen carefully to their customers and are always willing to help. Problems are solved within a very short time. In short: a wonderful party to work with. To every organization that operates online, I highly recommend QVSource." Project Leader

Erdee Media Group is a publisher of a daily newspaper and a selection of magazines. In addition, Erdee Media Group has a network of websites. These websites are an ideal platform for advertisers to reach a unique audience and we wanted to discover trends across all our websites and perform benchmarking between them.

Even before QVSource came onto the market, there was this desire. However, it was almost impossible to realise. With QVSource we are finally able to do it!

For enterprise wide insight into online trends we are now able to provide a dashboard created in QlikView and powered by QVSource which is easily accessible to our users.

The new dashboards are used internally for business discovery by the sales team and editorial staff - for example to support the editorial team by identifying how many visitors we have to our different articles and category of article, and also to help us better optimise our advertising strategy.

QVSource is a powerful tool that allows you to load all your data into QlikView in a very simple way.