The mission of FirstLine Schools is to create and inspire great public schools in New Orleans.

In order to achieve our mission, we have three primary objectives:

  • College Readiness: ensuring all of our students are on track to be academically prepared for success in a college preparatory high school and college as demonstrated by achievement, aspiration, love of learning, and confidence
  • Character and Health: providing a rich variety of experiences for our students to nurture character, health, and active citizenship
  • Developing the skillfulness of our staff and building sustainable organizations that facilitate our long-term success.

Business Intelligence for Improving Education Outcomes

QlikView BI dashboards in partnership with QVSource connectors have a very clear business case in for-profit industry. A network of schools can also benefit from a typical implementation for management of our operations and financial information. However, we have an even greater opportunity to revolutionize the way that the entire organization uses achievement, culture, attendance, demographic, and program data to affect student outcomes and accelerate progress toward our mission. Teachers and school leaders are no longer limited by the ability of central IT and data to provide analysis and reports. They can now discover unique associations and make real-time changes to educational methods inside the classroom to affect an individual student’s progress.

Personalized Learning

FirstLine Schools launched the Personalized Learning initiative in 2011 with support from several major national and local foundations. The initiative aims to improve student achievement through computer-assisted instruction where each student receives personalized instruction through targeted, self-paced computer content in combination with targeted teacher intervention or extension. With QVSource, we can connect to data which tracks which students are receiving which types of learning support programs – computer-assisted or others – and see which ones are having the most impact in terms of accelerating their progress academically.