"QVSource has vastly streamlined and simplified the process of importing key data from Google Analytics and Facebook into our dashboard. A previously complicated and resource-intensive task of exporting and importing data now happens within minutes. I am very excited about the opportunities available to us to widen the indicators available as more QVSource connectors come online." Nick Scott, Communications Manager - Digital and Events at ODI

ODI is the UK’s leading think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. ODI publish of hundreds of research publications and blogs yearly; and host dozens of events. Tracking the impact of these publications, events and other activities across the Internet is key to our efforts to make our work the highest impact possible.

For the past year, ODI has been developing a dashboard, using Qlikview, to track the impact across all streams of communications. This includes web page views and downloads, registrations for events, shares and social network mentions of our content, and citations of our publications. QVSource has become an invaluable part of this dashboard, helping ODI to quickly and easily access two key sources of data:

  • Web page views in Google Analytics; and
  • Interactions with particular pieces of content posted through ODI’s Facebook page.