“The guys at Industrial Codebox are incredibly helpful, easy to work with and create genius interfaces that add instant value to your business. I can’t recommend Chris and the team highly enough. QlikView without QVSource is like Rum without Raisin.” Mat Oram, Head of Customer Care

Peto is the first comprehensive Product and Price comparison tool for the UK Public Sector. Launched January 2012, Peto is currently focussed on the NHS market, with over 50% of NHS Acute Hospitals registered as Buyers and over 1,000 Suppliers ready to supply. The website is used to compare prices and quality for product and services, providing a transparent, open market for Buyers and Suppliers.

The problem

Peto is a cloud based business, with no physical infrastructure. They use Google Apps for all of email / business apps, Salesforce for CRM, MailChimp for Direct eMail and Twitter for social media. They also use a number of other platforms, including LinkedIn and various server based custom applications that are at the core of their business. The problem was how do they make sense of all of this disparate data?

The Solution

Industrial CodeBox helped Peto understand what QVSource modules were needed and also developed a new MailChimp Connector that pulled all the raw data into a single QlikView application. They now use QVSource to pull data from a number of social media platforms, google documents, analytics and email marketing systems into a single corporate dashboard. They’re now able to better categorise supplier prospects and measure the effectiveness of email campaigns. QVSource has opened up a level of insight and intelligence that was not possible with QlikView on its own.

One Year On (New)

Time flies when you’re having fun! The truth is Peto has not touched QVSource for over 9 months now. Why? Because they don’t need to. Every day, QVSource happily connects to Google, Twitter, MailChimp and a handful of other social media platforms, pulling out data to feed QlikView and enabling Peto to understand every aspect of their business in near real-time.

“I don’t know what we’d do without QVSource. It’s a fantastic application that runs seamlessly in the background all day every day. One year on it’s been invaluable in providing daily updates on every aspect of our business – fantastic!”