How QVSource Streamlines Data Collection To Enhance Business Performance For Digital Publishers

Promedia, part of the Stampen Media Group, was created in 2008 and has 540 employees.

Promedia Sweden comprises 12 local newspapers with a readership of more than 400,000. Promedia also has operations in distribution, digital communications, registration and quality control of television and newspaper advertising.

Promedia took the decision to purchase QlikView in 2009, to extract business intelligence from multiple systems around the organisation, and present the data in a centralised interface. The first project for QlikView was orchestrated by the Promedia purchasing team, who wanted a deeper understand of its suppliers and their buying patterns. By extracting information from several different business systems and presenting it in QlikView, the procurement team was able to access an enhanced level of information regarding their procurement projects.

The popularity of QlikView quickly grew across the organisation, as it was easy to use, flexible, affordable, and allowed in-house development. Now, many departments within Promedia regularly use QlikView, including Procurement, Sales, Management, IT/IS, Market, Analysis, and Production.

"I am pleased to say that QVSource provides valuable business intelligence, which helps to give us a holistic view of business performance, which in turn allows Promedia to evolve, improve and grow."

Linda Mohlin, Purchasing & Operations Analysis, Promedia

The Challenge

Promedia came to realise that the power and usefulness of QlikView would be even greater, if it included data captured by Google Analytics and Facebook. So the company set about looking for a tool to effectively gather and present Google Analytics and Facebook intelligence into QlikView.

The Solution

In December 2013, Promedia chose to complement their QlikView installation with the QVSource technology, to extract and integrate data from Google Analytics and Facebook into their overall business intelligence system. QVSource is able to mine data from multiple Promedia websites and social media pages, and present the information in a single Qlikview application. And, by combining the information from Google Analytics and Facebook with data from other business intelligence sources, Promedia will be able to benchmark sites against each other.

Until integrating QVSource into the organisation, the data from each Google Analytics and Facebook page was manually extracted one at a time. The data was then consolidated by hand, before being analysed and presented. This process was time consuming, costly, and provided a data set that was immediately out of date. In addition, the data could not easily be integrated with other business intelligence sources.

Thanks to QVSource, the process of extraction, consolidation, analysis and presentation can be automated and carried out in real-time, providing a much more meaningful set of data to analyse.

The Benefits

QVSource has added value to Promedia’s business in three key areas:

  • Time saving – Advanced automation in the QVSource technology saves Promedia a huge amount of time, by extracting data from multiple web and social media pages in real-time.
  • Centralized view – QVSource empowers Promedia to access all business intelligence, including web-based data, from a central business intelligence tool.
  • Deeper insight – QVSource makes it much easier for Promedia to benchmark Google Analytics and Facebook data from multiple sites and pages, and analyse this information alongside data from other business sources

"QVSource will give our management team an insight into the performance of our websites and social media pages, which will greatly improve our benchmarking and overall business performance."

Linda Mohlin, Purchasing & Operations Analysis, Promedia