My team's mission statement is that we "Enable Decision Makers." No other time was that more true than when there was organizational focus around increasing our digital presence and the ability to track it's success. The original request was to provide an analytical QV App that would look at our Google Analytics web traffic data, however, I had a vision for a much larger project that would provide a 360 view of our web presence from acquisition to behavior to conversion.

QVSource is the only connector that would allow us to easily extract data from Google Analytics, AdWords, and social media data sources. I was able to use the connectors unassisted and be up and running in a few weeks. Digesting Google’s API limitations, bugs, and release schedule were the only hold-ups in the project. With the extracted data, I've been able to create a one-stop-shop for measuring our web activities, including metrics and data points we could never track before, like offline conversion for paid search, ROI, lead source tracking, web behavior patterns, etc., all with a few selections within QlikView. Now, not only do we have the ability to tie together data we never could, but access that insight is no longer limited to just the few AdWords account administrators, Google Analytics analysts or Global Marketing Operations team. QvSource has helped me realize my vision more easily than I could've imagined.

David Avery
Manager, Business Insight and Reporting

Some screenshots from Qlik's Dashboard using QVSource-based data:

The Application looks at Google AdWords, Analytics and an Overview of Performance

A Google AdWords Dashboard

The Google Analytics Dashboard

Overview of Performance