How QVSource Streamlines Data from Sharepoint into QlikView, Driving Better Company-Wide Decisions

Founded in 2001, SALTO designs and manufactures intelligent locking solutions, providing security, flexibility and control. SALTO is the selected access control option on over 1,500,000 doors, within more than 14,000 projects, over 90countries around the world. The company employs 330 people; 150 are based in the Spanish headquarters, and 180 are located in remote offices across the UK and USA, Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Australia.

SALTO boasts an impressive global customer list, with clients including airports (Heathrow), corporate clients (T-Mobile Austria, Media City in the UK), government organisations (the French Parliament), highly regarded educational establishments (Oxford, Al Ain in the UAE, and Princeton universities among others), hundreds of hotels, hospitals, as well as smaller facilities such as student colleges and factories.

Many departments benefit from the data

“Now that the QVSource OData connector has been installed, the IT team has been able to fully automate the scheduled transfer of data from SharePoint to QlikView, with no need for manual intervention. As a result the information in QlikView is constantly up-to-date, and the risk of data slippage has been eradicated.”

Josetxo Amonarriz, IT Manager, Salto

Salto & QlikView

At the heart of SALTO’s business processes, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, used to store and manage data from all areas of the business. With a dynamic and global workforce, SALTO recognised the need to improve business analysis, with a specific goal of enhancing ERP reporting. SALTO sought a more flexible reporting solution that would give the company an overall view of what was happening across the business, and allow in-depth analysis of each department, such as sales, quality and IT, at the touch of a button. With the ERP system in place, the data was there; it was just incredibly difficult for employees to access it in a consistent and reliable manner. SALTO chose to install QlikView in 2010, as it helped the company to draw information from its ERP and multiple other data sources across the company, and present a centralized view of business performance, in a readable and usable form.

SALTO chose the Qlik technology because it was easy to use, and solved the problem of improving business analysis. New and custom dashboards could be created in real-time, which allowed employees to rapidly respond to change, and the management team to improve business processes.

QlikView is now deeply embedded into the fabric of the company, and is being used on a regular basis by the finance, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, R&D, IT and HR teams.

Critical Issues can now be identified and acted upon within QlikView from Sharepoint

Salto & QVSource

The IT team at SALTO came to realise that QlikView was missing a source of their corporate information. SALTO housed internal data in a local installation of SharePoint, but this data source was not natively supported by the Qlik technology, and therefore the SharePoint data was not being migrated into QlikView for cross-company analysis. The IT team created a quick-fix to this problem, with an Excel workaround, that extracted the data from SharePoint and imported it into QlikView. However the process was not 100% reliable; and sometimes the Excel process malfunctioned, leaving the server with no memory resources.

SALTO learnt of a new connector that had been developed by QVSource, for OData; a data access protocol initially defined by Microsoft as a standardized way of consuming data from multiple software systems. SALTO found that the QVSource OData connector could plug-and-play into their IT infrastructure, to communicate with SALTO’s SharePoint data and automatically feed it into QlikView. In 2014, the SALTO’s IT team chose to replace their temporary Excel-fix with the QVSource OData connector, which reduced the SharePoint-to-QlikView data transfer to a single step. As QVSource is designed to interoperate with QlikView, the integration was seamless.

A centralised dashboard of Sharepoint data in QlikView

The Benefits of the QVSource OData Connector

This is a classic example of how a QVSource connector can radically improve business analytics, and bring immediate value to the customer, by simplifying a business process.

SALTO has experienced three specific business benefits as a result of installing the QVSource OData connector:

  • The QVSource OData connector was easy to deploy, and integrated seamlessly into the existing QlikView dashboard, to give a more complete view of business activity.
  • The SharePoint-to-QlikView data migration process is now fully automated, consistent and reliable, so there is no need to validate, verify, or test the data transfer process, which saves the IT team many hours of manual labour.
  • The SharePoint data in QlikView is always up-to-date, which allows real-time analysis of business performance.