The growing use of Online Social Networks in recent years is attracting the interest of the corporate world, where departments interested in analysing their contents emerge to deal with such technology. The popularity and growth of online social networks is being seen as a fertile ground for the dissemination of products and services, to strengthen brands, to monitor competition, as well as for prospecting new customers.

In this way, the Social Media Research Group of Instituto Paraibano de Educação, from UNIPETECH (, is investigating methodologies and technologies to give appropriate support to these initiatives.

The Social Media Group developed a QlikView application to give better support for social media data analysis. It was developed using the following QVSource Connectors: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Sentiment Analysis and Klout. The great benefit of QVSource resides on the fact that it simplifies the access to such unstructured data, giving us the possibility to quickly develop a Total Business Intelligence Environment, involving social media data and corporate structured data. We´ve applied our BI Social application to some specific areas including brand evaluation and political campaigns and the results are very encouraging. Thanks to QVSource!!