Transforming Business Intelligence into Actionable Intelligence

Vocento is one of the leading media groups in Spain, with a strong presence in information and entertainment, such as newspapers, supplements and magazines, television and audiovisual production, film distribution and the internet. With 12 regional newspapers and a supporting online presence for each publication, Vocento’s 3,000+ employees are located in 15 regional offices across Spain.

“We are delighted with the support we have received from the QVSource team, to deploy the QVSource connector into our business intelligence environment. This is a real labour-saving tool that has a direct impact on our business productivity.”

Andres Acosta Ramirez, Head of Business Intelligence, Vocento

The Challenge

It’s the responsibility of the Vocento IT team to ensure that all regional offices are well connected, and that staff have the necessary tools to work in a highly productive and efficient manner. As with many companies with a distributed workforce, a major challenge is ensuring that business processes are consistent across all regional offices.

Gathering business intelligence (BI) was one such pain area. In 2011, Vocento had 5 or 6 different BI tools in production across the various regional offices. On the whole, the BI tools did not cover all of the company’s business data needs, with much of the analysis being carried out using Excel files. In addition, these tools were inflexible, such that if a new requirement surfaced, it was challenge to adapt the tools to respond satisfactorily. It transpired that the business was often moving faster than the BI tools, as the process of setting up new projects was time consuming and always required a customised development effort.

“QVSource gives us the peace of mind that the data feed from Google DoubleClick to QlikView is automated and reliable, so we have a consistent insight into our DoubleClick performance, at the touch of a button.”

Andres Acosta Ramirez, Head of Business Intelligence, Vocento

The Solution


At the end of 2011, the IT team took the decision to replace all legacy BI tools with the QlikView business discovery platform, deploying it across the entire organisation. QlikView quickly gave the IT team a global view of the business, and ensured that all employees were using the same data set for analysis in a consistent and reliable manner.

The Next Challenge

The IT team came to realise that not all web interfaces were natively supported by QlikView. One major area was Google. Vocento uses many Google products, particularly an application called Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), which offers publishers such as Vocento a complete advertising revenue engine, helping to streamline operations and capture the most value for every impression. Vocento relies heavily on DFP, as it allows the company to insert banners and advertisements into their multiple websites, and then track performance. Vocento really needed the metrics from DFP to be fed into QlikView, to carry out performance analysis.

Vocento had two choices; they could develop an API themselves to interconnect DFP with QlikView, or they could source the connector from elsewhere.

QVSource Google DoubleClick Connector

In November 2013, Vocento chose to implement the QVSource DoubleClick connector. QVSource specialises in designing connectors to feed non-natively supported data sources into QlikView. With a high level of automation, the QVSource DoubleClick connector stays up-to-date with Google’s regular software enhancements, ensuring that the DoubleClick data stream is constant and accurate. If Vocento had developed the API in-house, the maintenance effort to stay up to date with Google software enhancements would have taken many man hours, which would have been cost prohibitive.

Using The QVSource Google DoubleClick Connector

When Vocento clients invest in online advertising, it’s important to be able to demonstrate a return on investment. Previously, Vocento employees had manually mined this data from DFP, and the IT team could not guarantee that the same parameters were used for each data extraction, which meant the data analysis was ultimately unreliable. In addition, the volume of data was huge, which meant that not only was there a high risk of human error during the data analysis, but historical benchmarking was almost impossible.

The Vocento IT team has automated the process of retrieving data from DFP each evening, by using the QVSource connector and feeding the data in to QlikView. Now, every morning, all Vocento employees have access to a complete view of the data. This allows them to see how many times a banner ad has been displayed, how many clicks it has generated, allowing them to carry out historical data analysis and trend analysis in an instant.

Within Vocento, there is a large QlikView user base that pulls reports and carries out analysis of business performance on a daily basis. And, even though Vocento employees have unique requirements and objectives, the Vocento IT team is fully confident that all analysis is carried out on the same set of data, resulting in reliable extrapolation. Now, Google DoubleClick data is globally available for analysis in QlikView.

QVSource Business Benefits

For the IT team, Vocento employees are its internal customers. QVSource has made Google DoubleClick data analysis:

  • More time efficient - An automated data extraction every evening means that the data is regularly loaded into QlikView for immediate analysis.
  • More accurate - As the extraction process is automated, the IT team is confident that there is only one data set to analyse, avoiding inconsistency.
  • More cost effective - Employees no longer need to carry out manual data extractions, which saves many hours of work.

For Vocento’s end customers, the quality of DFP analysis has much improved, and reports can be customised and created on the fly, to demonstrate the success of a campaign and the return on investment.

“The QVSource DoubleClick adapter is an easy-to-use data extraction tool. I no longer have to worry about how to interconnect with the Google API. QVSource does this for me so I can concentrate on my data and providing a quality service to the Vocento employees.”

Andres Acosta Ramirez, Head of Business Intelligence, Vocento