QVSource makes it simple to get web based data into QlikView or Qlik Sense and with over 30 connectors available the possibilities are endless.

There are 2 elements to QVSource – the Connectors, which ‘talk’ to specific APIs and the Core, which communicates with QlikView (or Qlik Sense) and, along with your license, manages the available connectors.

Although there a number of connectors, in designing QVSource we made it easy to use only the connectors that you need, so initially you may be only interested in one or two with the intention to add more later as your business changes.

Easy to Use

Connectors have their own simple user interface, so that you can easily authenitcate or configure them as needed as well as a dedicated page over at our documentation site should you have any questions.

Ready To Use QlikView Applications

Many of the connectors also have free, ready to use QlikView applications, which you can either use as they are or as a starting point for your own dashboards. The QlikView load scripts are complete and optimised so that you can quickly get to analyse your data and make new discoveries. Again, should you have any difficulties with them, there's a dedicated page on our documentation site explaining how to configure and use it.


You can find a comprehensive list of our QlikView Connectors on this page, including links to their corresponding web pages and wiki pages when you can find out more information about the features and capabilities.