There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of web services that have APIs enabling users to programmatically extract data from the platform.

Our objective with QVSource is to make it as widely connecting as possible, but with so many APIs out there, it's an impossible task to create a specific connector for each of them. So, we developed the General JSON/XML/SOAP Web API Connector, which enables you to more easily connect to many web services in a fairly straight forward and sturctured way.

As it is 'General' in it's approach it does mean that you need to understand the API you're trying to connect to (and ensure that you abide by their terms of use), but this also gives you a great deal of fleixbility in meeting your needs as you can make GET, POST, PUT or DELETE requests to any URL.

Over at our documentation website we have some walk through examples where we connect the General Connector to:

We also know of users that have successfully connected to the appFigures API, EDI-Soft Shipping Exporter (a SOAP web service) and WebTrends API.

A simple to use, but very flexible connector that opens up many possibilities.

Useful Resources

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