Just like Twitter, Facebook is a very popular social media site, with over 1 billion active users! In addition to personal Facebook pages, there are also public Pages and Groups that tend to be set up by companies or individuals to connect with other Facebook users in order to promote their products or interests.

Know What's Being Said

Customers can use these pages to ask questions, get some support or just voice their opinion, and because these pages can viewed by any Facebook user, how they are percieved to be treated and their view is vital to any business, of any size.

Using QVSource's Facebook Pages & Groups Connector you can load data for any of these Fan Pages or Groups quickly into your QlikView application - you don't have to 'like' or own them to get this information.

From a typical Facebook Page or Group you can get all the postings, the comments against those postings, who are making them as well as how many people are liking the page.

Make Better Sense of it all

You can enrich the data using other QVSource connectors such as the Sentiment and Text Analytics Connector which will help you understand the sentiment (or mood) of a posting and pick out keywords.

How It's Being Used

The QVSource Facebook Page & Groups Connector opens up a wide range of new reporting possibilities, for example you can understand how people engage with you on your Pages and compare it to your competitors. You can also use it to help identify support issues and questions that existing or prospective customers may have.

You can read more case studies here.

Ready to Use Applications

We've put together a free, ready-to-use Facebook Pages QlikView application, which you can quickly set up for your own needs, meaning you can start to see the benefits of QVSource and QlikView straight away.

It also works with our Sentiment and Text Analytics Connector, which gives a powerful insight into the mood of postings and comments.

You can try this application online, which does just this for three popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) - using the Facebook Pages Connector you can effortlessly load data in to QlikView at regular times, say daily, and see at a glance the social engagement of your business and compare your self to others in your industry.

Live Demo | Download the Application

Useful Resources

Starter Application: A starter QlikView application is available from our QVSource GitHub repository

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