Google Analytics is the defacto way to understand visitor behaviour across your websites, with every click and movement being tracked and so much data being collected it seems that almost any metric could be achieved. Although Google Analytics comes with great dashboards, its difficult to get a complete sense of what's going on, especially when you want to compare websites side-by-side.

Get the Complete Picture

The Google Analytics Connector makes it fast and easy to get your Google Analytics data into QlikView, across all your websites.

Have the freedom and flexibility to create the KPIs that are important to you and view all your website profiles in one place - so there's no more wasting time switching between charts and website profiles.

With the Google Analytics Connector you can also extract some data from your Google AdWords.

How It's Being Used

QVSource is proving to help organisations make timely decisions about their websites that make a difference. We have customers that before using QVSource and QlikView would get weighed-down getting masses of data from Google Analytics, across numerous websites and producing static monthly reports. But now, they can bring all the data they need into a single dashboard in a consistent, automated way and are able to make daily decisions about their websites through interactive dashboards.

You can read about how QVSource is having a positive impact on our customers in our case studies

Template Application

We've put together a simple, ready-to-use QlikView application, which will pull data for several of your websites into a QlikView dashboard. It shows you information about visitor behaviour, their demographics and how they got to your website.

You can download the application from here, where there is also some comprehensive instructions to help get started quickly and easily.

The application is also available to view online here.

Live Demo | Download the Application

Useful Resources

Starter Application: A starter QlikView application is available from our QVSource GitHub repository

Case Studies: CP Proximity, Funding Circle and Promedia