Google Spreadsheets makes collaborating and collecting data across organizations very easy and using Google Forms is a great way to collect information. As a product it's functionality is improving all the time and companies are starting to switch to it in an attempt to cut costs and improve productivity.

Getting to Your Data

However, making use of data held in these spreadsheets to help make business decisions isn't so straight forward, often relying on exporting the data as CSV or Excel files to then be imported in to QlikView.

With the Google Drive and Spreadsheets Connector this process is hugely simplified as all your spreadsheets are available to load directly into your applications. Using QVSource makes getting Google Spreadsheets into QlikView as easy as it is with Excel files.

If you use Google Forms to collect data then by scheduling QlikView reloads you can be sure to always have the latest information in your dashboards, without even thinking about it.

Advances Uses

With the Google Drive and Spreadsheets Connector, it's possibilities go beyond just loading Google Spreadsheets into QlikView, for example having generated a CSV file from data as part of a QlikView reload, you can then create a Google Spreadsheet on your Google Drive.

Use Google Drive Connector to work with your Google Drive spreadsheets and files