The real power of QVSource is enabling holistic dashboards to be built which bring in data from a number of different social media networks and other web APIs.

No longer will you need to go to different reporting interfaces to get at your KPIs and other insights - use the ultimate combo of QlikView + QVSource to build powerful dashboards which can be deployed easily to desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Holistic QlikView dashboard, showing data from Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, Twitter and Facebook Insights

Naturally we use QVSource internally, in fact that's where the product began its life.

The above dashboard shows an example which extracts data from Google Analytics (which we use to track activity on this website), Google Spreadsheets (where visitors who sign up are recorded, Facebook Insights (we use this to pull in stats for the Like button at the top of this website) and Twitter (which we are quite active on).

The above only shows a fraction of the information which is available from these different data sources - your business needs and imagination are really the only limit.