Data Everywhere

As we use more cloud services, a growing amount of data is being stored on servers that are offsite. This can make it difficult and time consuming to make the data available to analyse, or it means using several different reports across a number of different services and having to make do with what's made available.

For example,

  • Google Analytics has some great charts, but you can't see them side by side with Facebook Insights data or Tweets.
  • Online accounting systems may not have the report layouts that you need
  • You may need certain reports for your CRM system that don't exist

QVSource can help with all these scenarios, since you'll have all the data in QlikView or Qlik Sense to display it how you want.

Furthermore, charts and tables for all of these systems could be shown in a single QlikView dashboard, so you can see how changes traffic to your website affects your leads, which ultimately have an impact on your finances. An example of this can be seen in this blog post.

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