From the Google Analytics Demo QlikView App (click for full dashboard)

QVSource gives you great flexibility in getting your data into QlikView and empowering you to layout the dashboards as you need them.

But to help you get instant value out of QlikView and QVSource we have put together a number of free-to-use QlikView applications that have charts and tables displaying various metrics.

We've designed the applications so that the data model is already defined, we've taken care of collecting and storing incremental data and best of all we've made them incredibly simple to use. Shoud you need help, we've got some great detailed instructions.

So, in a few minutes you could be analysing Tweets, looking at the sentiment of you Facebook page or seeing how people are using your website through Google Analytics

Of course you can either use these as they are or use them as a starting point to build your own dashboards.

In particular we have extensively tested template applications for Twitter and Facebook (including sentiment and influence analysis):

We also have demo applications for many of the other connectors:

We're constantly improving these and will be adding more, so it's worth looking back from time-to-time or following us on Twitter and Facebookfor updates.

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