360 Degree Business Intelligence

When an organistaion needs to make business decisions, it needs to consider both internal and external factors. Analysing internal data is something that QlikView is great at.

However, the external data analysis isn't straight forward:

  • You may need to use several reporting plaforms
  • Data exports may be limited and require additional technical skills
  • It can be time consuming
  • It's not easy to see all reports together in context

With the amount of data being accumulated and stored externally rapidly growing, overcoming these challenges are crucial to organisations being able to respond, adapt and gain competitive adavantages.

QVSource can help achieve 360° Business Intelligence, by bringing data in from external data sources, such as Google Analytics, Facebook or Freshbooks, and enabling you to mix it with your own internal data to give a complete, holistic view of your organisation.

Some benefits of QVSource are obvious, others aren't...discover the Top 10 here >>>